Thank you for 12 wonderful years!

About Us

SoulPepper Designs was founded in 2012 by Wendy Way and Haley Way. Self-taught, this creative mother-daughter duo, designs and hand makes every piece in their studio in Perry, Georgia. SoulPepper exemplifies their combined love for art, inspiration and effortless style. Some of their favorite materials to use are 14k gold filled components, various gemstones, and quality wood.

Wendy, drawing from her years studying art at the University of Georgia, looks to the fundamentals and finds inspiration for design all around her. Haley, a graduate from the University of Georgia with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, often finds inspiration for her designs from nature and her love of fashion. Together their designs form SoulPepper. Both Wendy and Haley continue to build SoulPepper on the grounds of faith, laughter, and the pursuit of all things beautiful.

Simple yet lacking nothing, SoulPepper Designs is cultivating a look that is effortless and sophisticated. Hand crafted and always unique,SoulPepper is a lifestyle, a brand, and a state of mind.